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Dawid re-builds his life after a life changing biking accident

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Dawid in Leith Cycles

Why Dawid joined the Fair Start Scotland service

Dawid joined Fair Start Scotland to re-build his life after a life changing biking accident, which left him learning how to walk, talk, and use his body again.

Dawid was hit by a car while doing the activity he loves, the accident left him in a coma for which lasted months. He survived the accident, and after waking from his coma, could still remember everything about bikes and how to fix them. Emilia, Dawid’s wife, cared for him for four years after the accident, and with support from doctors, Dawid was able to use his body again. However, he still struggles with his speech.

They came to Fair Start Scotland looking for help getting back into work, after being unsuccessful with finding anywhere that would accept him with his physical ailments. Dawid still had a strong passion for bikes and wanted to find a role within this field, but he needed help to complete application forms.

Getting the Job

Dawid was introduced to his Personal Adviser, Leon Dalton. Together they had one to one meetings in order to get to know each other and to help Leon better understand Dawid’s needs. Dawid’s wife, Emilia, was extremely supportive and came to all the meetings with Dawid and Leon to ensure that he was comfortable with the process. During one of the meetings, Dawid expressed an interest in opening his own business fixing bikes as he felt no employer would want to hire him.

Leon referred Dawid to Linda in Crete, who provides support for individuals looking to start their own business. During his time with them, Leon received updates from Dawid and Linda on his progress. Linda contacted Leon as Dawid decided he wanted to go into a placement rather than full-time employment. Leon went above and beyond to get in touch with numerous biking shops in Edinburgh to enquire about a possible placement for someone in Dawid’s situation.

Amazingly, Leith Cycles and the manager Richard gave Dawid and Emilia his dream moment. The shop is close to Dawid's flat and so travel to work is more manageable for him.

Richard knew someone who had been through a similar experience after being hit by a car on a bike and was very empathetic to Dawid's situation. He agreed for them both to visit the shop and discuss the possibility of Dawid doing an hour a week until he was strong enough to build the hours.

Dawid’s life has changed for the better and we will continue to support him.


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