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Martyn is supported in his job search after moving to Aberdeen.

Martyn was forced to move and change jobs after working for twenty years as a postman. We worked with Martyn to overcome his doubts, and he and his family are now enjoying their new life in Aberdeen.

Why Martyn joined Fair Start Scotland

Martyn moved to Aberdeen from England after a change in management in his previous role caused him major distress. He had worked as a postman for over twenty years, but due to a change in management, he struggled with his emotional and mental health. He feared for his family’s well-being as he was forced to leave his job of 20 years before deciding to make the move up to Aberdeen.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

After joining the service, Martyn worked with his personal adviser to create an excellent CV which scored 89% out of 100% on the Fedcap Hub’s CV builder tool. Together, Martyn and his personal adviser looked at suitable jobs to apply for. Martyn felt uncertain about applying for new jobs as he had only ever worked as a postman and felt that he didn’t know anything else. However, he was sure that he wanted a role that was active and allowed him to exercise. Martyn’s personal adviser worked through some coping mechanisms to overcome his anxiety and concerns about starting a new role. Martyn was able to contact his adviser via text or email at any time.

Martyn was offered a position working as a recycling operative. Unfortunately, Martyn became ill just a few days before starting, so his personal adviser worked with him to have the start date pushed back until he was better. He has since started working in his new role which is only a fifteen-minute cycle away from his house!

What’s next?

Martyn is looking forward to developing in his new role. He has now settled into life in Aberdeen and is getting used to Scotland and the different way of life.

He still hopes to one day become a postman again, and we will remain in contact with him as he looks for any new positions which may arise in the future. For the moment, Martyn is happy in his new job and confident that he can remain there for as long as he wishes.


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