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Nicola experienced trauma in her previous role which resulted in an extended period of unemployment.

Nicola experienced anxiety due to a traumatic experience in her previous role. Fair Start Scotland worked at Nicola’s pace, and supported her into work when she was ready.

Why Nicola joined Fair Start Scotland

Nicola, a Fair Start Scotland participant, joined the service at the end of 2021. She had suffered a traumatic experience in her last role which contributed to her symptoms of anxiety. Since leaving her previous role due to her mental health, she has remained unemployed and has low self-confidence.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Nicola and her adviser developed a trusting relationship with each other. This has helped Nicola to engage well with the service as she seeks to build her confidence. Nicola has opened up during her weekly calls on numerous occasions, and it is the trusting relationship with her adviser that has allowed her to feel comfortable enough to do so. She says that she looks forward to her weekly calls with her adviser and also with her weekly meetings with her councilor.

Nicola has attended an interview skills workshop, and her adviser is supporting her with job applications.

What’s next?

The service has supported Nicola to feel more confident and she is now ready to start looking for work. Many of our participants join the service knowing that they are not ready for the world of work. Our team of experts are on hand to support them to the point where they feel ready, to ensure they find long lasting and sustainable employment. Nicola has since had two offers for interview and she says this is all thanks to Fair Start Scotland.


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