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Oskana gets creative with a business idea

Oksana, 49, arrived in Scotland after leaving Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. She came to Fair Start Scotland in Aberdeen in October looking for employment support. She said finding a job had been a challenge due to the language barrier and wanted to improve her English.

Through discussion and encouragement with her personal adviser, Oksana was asked about her hobbies and interests which include knitting, painting and baking. When she showed some of the products she makes, Oksana was encouraged to think about setting up her own business via an online shop.

It is early days for Oksana’s business, but she gained her first order from a product she has made (pictured above) and hopes to develop her product line to for customers.

Oksana is unsure at this stage whether her business venture will make enough to take her off benefits and sustain her lifestyle needs, so is still keeping her options open to look for employment and develop her skills where possible.


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