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Partnership makes more room for hotel jobs

A partnership between Fedcap and hotel chain Travelodge which has seen us working together to create sustainable jobs for our customers has expanded.

We have been working with Travelodge to successfully place our Restart customers in South Central England since the beginning of the scheme in 2021.

We are now extending the partnership across all of our contracts in the UK.

Our customers already working at Travelodge, enjoy working in a friendly and fast-paced environment with flexible working hours available – just like Maria.

Maria had left her longstanding cleaning role due to ill health. We supported Maria by preparing her for roles when she would recover fully.

She expressed a passionate interest in hospitality as she previously spent time working in a hotel. Thankfully, Maria managed to have the operation needed to enable her to comfortably go back into employment.

As a result, we were able to source a front-of-house role working with Travelodge. Maria is enjoying the role with Travelodge and is looking to progress within the company.

If you’d like to work in partnership with Fedcap to meet your diversity, recruitment, and social objectives, please contact our team:


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