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Steven secures a stable job with help from Fair Start Scotland

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Why Steven joined Fair Start Scotland?

Steven joined the service looking for help in finding sustainable employment in a cleaning role or working in a storeroom. He had experience working on different short-term roles in different areas, but he was looking for something more stable.

Steven had a CV but was out of date, and he didn’t have access to a computer in order to search and apply for jobs. He needed help with applying for work and making his applications stand out from the rest.

How Fair Start Scotland helped?

Steven was supported by his personal adviser Heather to update his CV to make it more presentable to an employer and to highlight his transferable skills - gained from previous roles. Steven was over the moon, as he was struggling to work on his phone.

Not long after he was successful in gaining employment however this was only a 12-hour contract and seasonal - it just wasn’t meeting his needs of a secure and stable role. Heather encouraged Steven to stick with the job in order to gain some financial stability while they continued searching for the right job for him.

Heather kept in regular contact with Steven to support him, working around his work schedule as he struggled applying for new work on his phone, Heather supported him by completing applications, and ensuring his applications were of a good quality.

Getting the job

Heather often highlighted jobs to Steven and when a local cleaning company were offering a 16-hour contract close to his home, she helped Steven with his application and created a covering letter tailored to the role.

Heather supported Steven with preparing for the interview by going over commonly asked questions and assuring him of his abilities.

Steven was successful in starting with the cleaning company. Fair Start Scotland was able to provide Steven with suitable work clothing to get him started.

Steven was so pleased with the help and support Fair Start Scotland provided and thanked Heather sincerely for all the support given.


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