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Susan starts a completely new career at the age of sixty three.

Susan was made redundant late in 2019. Because of her age, she felt that she would struggle to find a new job. Fair Start Scotland gave her the confidence to start a completely new career.

Why Susan joined Fair Start Scotland

Susan was one of three admin workers that were made redundant at the end of 2019. Susan was in her early 60s when this happened and lacked the confidence and motivation she felt she needed to find a new job and potentially a new career.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Susan felt that from her first contact with the team, she has received nothing but support and friendly, professional and wise advice. Within the first week to ten days, Susan had already received three calls from an adviser, a full consultation, an action plan, and advice on how to improve her CV.

Her employment adviser supported her by pointing out jobs she could apply for and advising her on the application process, even working through the forms with her. Susan received support with her interview preparation as she attended courses through Teams and Zoom to get her used to applying for roles online.

Susan’s adviser set her a target of finding a job within three months, which she made! Susan said that she never thought she would be starting a new career in her early 60s, and couldn’t believe it when she was offered a new role working with the NHS.

What’s next?

Despite being the oldest out of the three admin workers that were made redundant in 2019, Susan is the only one out of the three that has made it back to work, and she is sure it is thanks to Fair Start Scotland and the team at Triage.

She has since retained her full-time and role and has even received a contract extension!


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