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*Susie overcomes her anxiety and now she volunteers to help others

Eilidh from our Health and Wellbeing team worked with *Susie to help her cope with her anxiety through one to one sessions and workshops that have changed her life for the better

Susie was keen to share her story with other like-minded participants and this is what she had to say

“Around this time last year my mental health had really deteriorated. I had struggled in the past but I suddenly found it really hard to cope with everything, it felt like my anxiety had taken over my life. I found myself unemployed at the end of year 2020. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out of work so as you can appreciate it was a really scary time for me.

I was referred to StartScotland by my work coach at the Jobcentre. It was amazing how much support I was given right away. My personal adviser referred me to the Health and Wellbeing team and Eilidh got in touch with me. I cannot thank her enough for all her help.

Eilidh really got to know me and worked with me on different techniques to help me cope better with my anxiety, as well as setting me tasks to work on at home which I really enjoyed. I always felt listened to and respected. I always came off a call feeling less anxious. Working on different techniques, attending workshops, and the one to one sessions with Eilidh has really changed my life for the better. She really helped me to better understand myself and changed the way I viewed myself.

I cope with my anxiety so much better now and use all the tools Eilidh has given me. I have even found myself using the tools to help others. I feel better within myself and I’m now doing some voluntary work to help others similar to myself.

Although I am happy that I am at a place where I currently no longer need health and wellbeing support I will miss my sessions with Eilidh, she is the most kind and supportive person and I am so glad I met her.”

*Susie not real name


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