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COVID-19 guidelines

With the impact of the global pandemic how we deliver the service may differ slightly, but we can absolutely assure you that you will get the same quality of service from our people. 


During this difficult time, we want both our customers and our people to be safe, so we’ll be taking precautions and measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. From the very outset, we’ve been following Government guidelines and will continue to do so.


As the Government eases restrictions, we’ll start to open our office doors again, but we’ll only be doing this when it is safe to do so. When we do open our doors, our offices will look and feel slightly different for example markers on the floor, one-way system, screens where applicable, cleaning between customers and allocated appointment times.


When you come to our office, please can we ask that you respect our guidance:


  • If you are feeling unwell today – please go home immediately.

  • If you or anyone that you are living with has symptoms of COVID-19 then please go home immediately, self-isolate and seek medical assistance.

  • Please respect our guidelines on social distancing whilst in our office and awaiting entry to the premises.


  • To protect you, stay two metres (three steps) away from people.

  • Please use hand sanitiser on arrival at the office and when leaving the office.

  • All workstations will be cleaned in between customer appointments for your safety. Please remain in your workspace, and do not roam freely around the office. If you need anything alert your consultant or office coordinator and they will assist you.


Many thanks for your cooperation.

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