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In-work support

continuing to work with
you and the
successful candidate

As part of our employer offer we can give you that extra comfort that we will still be around to give you support if you feel you need it. We will not place an individual and leave you to it, we’ll continue to work with you and the successful candidate to make sure both of your needs are met. 

We’ll conduct workplace reviews with you so that we can assess and monitor your new recruit. We are also keen for new recruits to progress within your organisation and we can support you with this by giving you access to ongoing training.

We not only offer in-work support to our customers, but we can help to upskill your current workforce encouraging them to progress in their roles or move on to new, better and exciting job opportunities in your organisation.

We currently work with a diverse customer group and some our customers may have challenging barriers such as a disability or a health condition that may prevent them from returning to work. We will work with the customer to get to know them and understand their needs so that we can support both you and the customer whilst in employment.

From an employer’s perspective this could be daunting as you may need to make reasonable adjustments or adaptations in your workplace to accommodate a new employee - but there is financial help out there to help you to do this called Access to Work. 

It can help you:

  • hire disabled people with the skills you need

  • retain an employee who develops a disability or long-term condition (keeping their valuable skills and saving both time and money recruiting a replacement)

  • show that you value and will support your employees by having good employment policies and practices

Read 'Access to Work' for more information. 

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