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Fair Work Agenda

is work that offers
effective voice,
opportunity, security,
fulfilment and respect

We are committed to maintaining the mental health and wellbeing of all our employees and offer specialist support to our customers to help them overcome any barriers or challenges they may face.  

We recognise that mental health, wellbeing and performance are all connected, so by improving our employee’s ability to handle pressure and find the right balance between work and home life will not only improve their mental wellbeing but also it will help increase their productivity. 

We support the Fair Work Agenda

Effective voice

  • We can support you to implement policies to help open and transparent communications through our employer toolkit.

  • We'll listen to you to understand your requirements to enable us to place the right person at the heart of their business.

  • We can offer an in-work support package to both you and your recruit to make sure you are happy and receiving the necessary support to help the individual to succeed.

  • We can help introduce employee feedback mechanisms.


  • We will work with you so that you can offer  work placements to the prospective candidate.

  • We can provide work trials and other adapted recruitment practices which are personality-based to make sure the individual is the right fit for your business.

  • We’ll work with our customers to identify their strengths by doing a training needs analysis to make sure they are ready for work.

  • We can provide support for disadvantaged groups such as:

    • supported employment

    • job carving

    • reasonable adjustments  and  access to work.


  • We are a Living Wage employer.

  • We promote flexible guaranteed hours contracts over zero hour contracts.

  • We can offer you salary advice and salary surveys.

  • We pay audits against industry and Scottish Living Wage.

  • We support the Scottish business pledge.


  • We can offer in-work progression for you and our customer.

  • We can offer training for both new and existing employees.

  • We offer an in-work support package for to make sure you and  the customer are getting the most from their new recruit.

  • We can signpost you to apprenticeship providers.


  • We can help you to implement policies to support a respectful workplace.

  • We can offer you a health and wellbeing service. 

  • We’ll work with you and your recruit to make sure you're both happy and content with the service we’ve provided and how things are progressing.

  • We value your opinions and use these when we are recruiting potential candidates.

  • We can support you to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate certain customer groups.

  • We actively promote the positive effects of fair work and how being a responsible employer can impact their business and the social benefits associated with it.

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