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Work trials

the perfect opportunity
to get to know your
new recruit

We can help with pre-screening of all potential candidates, saving you time and money. 


After we've made the selection for you, if you are still not sure whether the individual has the right skillset needed to meet the job requirements then we can arrange work trials and work placements and use this as a working interview - reducing the pressure on those who may have little or no work experience. 

Some of our customers may have been out of work for some time due to unforeseen circumstances such as health issue, disability or simply find it hard to get back into the labour market. A lot of people fall apart at the first hurdle and are better at just getting on and doing the job and this approach does just that. It will not only help them get a feel for the job but it will also make the transition back into work a lot easier for them - providing this opportunity helps both you and the candidate.

It will give you the chance to see if the individual have the right attitude for the job and work as part of team and so on. Having the right attitude for work is a really important asset as you can always develop the individual’s skills.

Work trials and work placements are a perfect opportunity for you get to know your new recruit and to see if they will fit in with your workforce and the culture of your organisation. If this is something you are interested in, then we can support you with this by creating a bespoke recruitment plan, including developing interview questions or building in a working interview - just get in touch. 

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