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Our employer offer

free recruitment and health and wellbeing support 

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have to:

  • work differently to accommodate the fast-changing landscape, and

  • be flexible in our approach and adapt to keep up with market demands

We want to support new and existing employers to focus on what they do best – providing a service to the public while we take care of all your recruitment needs.

With are fully aware that some key employers are not particularly looking for candidates due to the influx of applications - you are probably in a situation where you don't know where to begin. Well, let us take hold of your recruitment needs. We’ll do the hard work, while you deal with day to day running of the business. 


We can offer you free recruitment support and provide ongoing health and wellbeing support to your employees – as working in these conditions can be very stressful and mentally draining.


Our team of employability and health and wellbeing professionals can offer support remotely through different communication channels or provide on-site support in a safe and controlled environment such as:

  • our personal advisers can help sift CVs or application forms

  • our employer services advisers can help conduct initial screening and interviews

  • our tutors can help to conduct the induction process 

  • our clinically qualified health professionals can offer support to your existing employees and new candidates to improve their health and wellbeing

  • our personal advisers can help to identify potential funding streams that you, as an employer, might be able to access

  • our dedicated in-work support can offer support to your employees which could focus on employability or health and wellbeing 

  • help to grow your business

  • help to formulate your recruitment plans and offer support in readiness for post lockdown.


We are also recognised as a Disability Confident Employer.

For any employers who urgently need to recruit key workers, we can find you the right candidate for the job, who are job ready - get in touch on 0800 049 7061 or drop us an email to  

We're here to help!

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