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Gayle from Scottish Borders has nothing but praise for Fair Start Scotland.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Gayle joined the Fair Start Scotland service after being unemployed since 2013 and she was provided an outstanding experience from the Momentum team.

Why did Gayle join Fair Start Scotland

Gayle is a single parent who struggled with confidence and anxiety. These barriers held her back from gaining paid employment. She found it difficult to know where to begin looking for a role that not only suited her needs but also help boost her confidence.

Gayle asked her local job centre if she could access help getting a new job but she wanted a service that would also offer support with her personal barriers. The job centre refereed her to Fair Start Scotland Momentum, who were more than happy to explain to Gayle how the programme would help her.

How did Fair Start Scotland help?

Gayle was introduced to her Key Worker and from the very beginning she felt she received a great service.

Gayle said ‘The service is tailor made for each individual. I initially met my Job Coach who gave me realistic goals to work towards, she helped me in many aspects. I feel a lot more confident looking for work and I’m now armed with a great CV and cover letter.’

Lara, Job Coach at Momentum supported Gayle to become more confident in herself so that she could present herself well during interviews and in a working environment.

As we celebrate our partner, Fedcap Employment's first birthday in the UK, we want to highlight the support we have provided for so many people on the service. We look forward to continuing this support over the years the come.


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