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After being made redundant, Kevin gets back on track

After facing redundancy, Kevin reached out for expert help. Fair Start Scotland helped Kevin get back into the sector he loves and back on track with life.

Why Kevin joined Fair Start Scotland?

Kevin was made redundant in 2020 due to the effects of the pandemic. His confidence took a major hit and he felt like he was never going to work again. Kevin had recently moved so he could live with his fiancé, and being made redundant left him struggling with financial stress. Kevin reached out to Fair Start Scotland after seeing a post about the service on social media.

How Fair Start Scotland helped?

Kevin was introduced to his adviser, Andy, who booked in some one to one appointments through a video call. This was difficult for Kevin at the beginning due to his low confidence and anxiety. Andy took the time to reassure Kevin that this would be very helpful and help him develop the skill of speaking in a new way. Kevin eventually warmed to the idea and, over time, his confidence grew.

Andy reviewed Kevin’s CV and helped him to update it so that he presented himself in the best way to employers. When Kevin saw this, he was determined to start applying for jobs as he felt he would now have more luck.

Kevin applied for roles that fit his previous experience as a labourer as he really enjoyed working in that sector. It wasn’t long until Andy found a specific role that he felt fit Kevin’s skills and needs, so he encouraged him to apply.

Getting the job

Kevin was invited for an interview and to help calm his nerves, Andy conducted interview preparation appointments and ran mock interviews that prepared him for some commonly asked questions. Kevin felt very confident and was eager to finally secure some work after constant rejection from previous applications.

To his delight, Kevin was successful in the interview and was offered a full-time position as a labourer!

He is now extremely happy, and his confidence has grown massively. Our In-Work Support team will continue supporting him to make sure he settles well into the role. We wish him the best of luck.


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