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Henry's confidence sky rockets as he improves his IT skills

Henry, 65, joined Fair Start Scotland to get to grips with the basic skills that would show he could be contacted for any possible job opportunities.

He was keen to look at the retail sector as a possible option but had no computer skills and did not even have an email address. This needed to be sorted as an urgent priority.

His employment adviser immediately got Henry set-up to attend a computer skills group and supported him with the purchase of a laptop.

Henry has attended the IT group every week to work on his computer skills, and is now more able to go online and apply for jobs on his own and upload his CV. He also has an email address and is confident about using his laptop on his own.

Henry feels much more confident now about getting a job and his future.

His long-term goal is to get a job with an employer who sees that he can use his skills within the retail sector.

Henry said: “My adviser has been excellent, helping with my CV and computer skills. I’m a lot more confident with my computer skills as I didn’t have any when I first came here.”


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