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Fedcap Scotland tackles health inequalities in Falkirk

Fedcap Scotland has been awarded funding to run a pilot project to support the health and wellbeing of young people and give them better access to training and jobs.

We have been awarded funding from Falkirk Health and Social Care Partnership to run our Healthy Minds, Inspiring People programme, which helps people with poor mental health, learning difficulties and disabilities.

The eight-week tailored programme provides one-to-one support and individual Health Action Plans for people aged 18-30 with learning difficulties and mental health needs. The project looks at how integrated early pre-employment support with mental health services can minimise health and social inequalities.

Susan Paterson, Fedcap Scotland’s Operations Director, explains how the funding will benefit local communities: “We help people to find the jobs and careers they love – which means we also understand the barriers some people can face when trying to achieve their goals, and the knock-on impact this can have on their health and everyday life.

“Our pilot project will provide targeted support for people with anxiety, helping to build the confidence and positive self-esteem needed to land the rewarding role they deserve or achieving other positive next steps in life.”


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