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Amy successfully moves into retail with the help of Fair Start Scotland.

After spending a long period of time caring for her father, Amy was ready to move back into employment and successfully secured a part-time job in her dream retail sector. 

Why Amy joined the Fair Start Scotland service

Amy came to Fair StartScotland in desperate need of help from our support team. When Amy joined the service, she had spent a large amount of time out of work caring for the father and this had massively affected her confidence.

Since coming from only having experience with zero hour and temporary contracts, Amy was determined to secure a part-time job that could offer her the security she needed. 

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Amy was introduced to her Personal Adviser, Louise Burgess, who started off by finding out her goals and where she wanted to begin her employment journey. She showed an interest in retail, and was soon signed up to our in-house training programme where she excelled and allowed her to complete our Marks and Start initiative. 

Louise continued to work with Amy to find out what transferable skills she had and to work on her the confidence until she was ready to apply for a role at Marks and Spencer’s. 

Getting the job

Amy was successfully accepted into a 16-hour contract with M&S which provided everything she was looking for. She is now aiming to move into full-time employment as she has become more motivated and believes in her future potential. 

Well done, Amy we are all so proud of how far you have come!


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