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Ayr mother secures a job to help support her family through COVID-19

Mother of six finds herself searching for work after her husband’s business slows down due to the impact of COVID-19. Fair Start Scotland gave her the tools and experience she needed to kickstart her career and can now support her family.

Why Samantha joined Fair Start Scotland?

Samantha had little to no qualifications or work experience due to taking time out of her career to raise her six children and support her husband’s business. Samantha’s situation changed overnight, and she had to find work as her husband’s business had ceased due to the effects of COVID-19.

She was very motivated to change her situation and start working but it was difficult for her to secure interviews. Samantha began volunteering at a local charity shop in Ayr where her mum was the manager to gain some work experience.

How Fair Start Scotland helped?

Personal adviser Louise created a new CV and cover letter for Samantha. She was able to use all the transferable skills she has gained from raising her children and supporting her husband’s business. Together they discussed her options and looked at what roles would best suit Samantha’s circumstances.

Samantha attended the interview skills workshop to help her prepare for an interview situation as she has never been interviewed before. She showed real motivation to get back to work and this made Louise more determined to help Samantha find a job.

During their one to one meeting, a cleaner role was advertised. Louise thought it would be a great fit for Samantha as it would give her the work experience she desperately needed.

Getting the job

Samantha applied for the role with Louise’s help. She was soon invited to an interview.

To her delight, Samantha was successful in the interview and she was offered the cleaning role on a part-time contract which suited her needs perfectly.

Samantha will continue to receive support from Fair Start Scotland while in work.


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