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Calum re-joins the service and finds a position that suits him.

Calum has a disorder which makes communicating difficult for him. He worked with StartScotland to find a role that worked for him, and he has since had his contract extended.

Why Calum joined Fair Start Scotland

Calum had previously joined the service and has had a few temporary positions in retail over the past few years.

Calum has Attention Deficit Disorder, and because of this he feels that he would be better suited to a non-customer facing role. He also has anxiety, and due to his condition, he has a speech impediment.

Calum also struggles with online applications and often needs guidance and reassurance.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Calum’s personal adviser referred him to the various workshops offered by our service. He was assigned a tutor to help him build confidence. His adviser regularly met with Calum to complete online applications by showing him how to answer specific questions and act out scenarios so that he could prepare for the application process.

Calum was getting more confident with each session, and was starting to send out more applications when he received his first invitation for an interview. The job was a temporary part-time position for Home Bargains in Ayr. He was successful in his application, and he has since had his contract extended. He is hopeful he will be offered a permanent position in the new year.

What’s next?

Calum remains at Home Bargains. He is enjoying his work and enjoys the company of his colleagues. Because of this, he is waiting to find out if he is offered a permanent position. Calum and his adviser continue to have weekly calls and we will continue to support him if he is offered the role or if he needs apply for more jobs.


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