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Gardener John digs for a new career

Updated: May 6, 2019

John 52 from Kilmarnock, has severe physical health issues and has subsequently had to give up his landscape gardener job – a role he worked in for more than 25 years. 

But while waiting on his health to improve, he wanted to pick up new skills so, when ready, he can find suitable employment in a different sector. 

He signed up to work with StartScotland, which runs the Fair Start Scotland employability service on behalf of Scottish Government, and was assigned to personal adviser Nyree Cairns. 

Nyree spent time with John to explore his job goals, what he was physically able to do and what his transferrable skills were. It became clear that John might be suitable to an office or customer service job. 

The team set to work, firstly looking at improving John’s IT skills and his overall confidence with computers. This has enabled him to keep his Universal Journal up to date, send emails, type quicker and search for jobs easily. 

Nyree has also worked with John to create a new CV tailored to the sector he wants to find work in. 

John says that since attending StartScotland he feels more confident, not only in his IT skills but his confidence in general.  It has helped him to explore other avenues as he felt quite bleak about his future and it has made him aware that his working career is not over.


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