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Craig goes from deflated to dedicated with support from Fair Start Scotland

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

After facing constant rejection from employers, Craig reached out to Fair Start Scotland and finally secured a job that is perfect for him and his needs.

Why Craig joined Fair Start Scotland

Craig joined the Fair Start Scotland service as he lacked confidence and has a health issue. He had been mistreated by his former employer which knocked his confidence. Craig was applying for jobs but each time would face rejection which didn’t help with his confidence.

Craig had a brain aneurism which occurred while he was working. He had surgery and after two weeks in the hospital Craig was given the all clear but was worried about returning to work. He needed support and guidance to get him back into work as he had financial responsibilities.

How Fair Start Scotland helped.

When Craig met his personal adviser Dawn from our Dumfries team, it was clear to her that he needed extra support from our health and wellbeing team. While attending appointments with his health and wellbeing consultant, Dawn helped Craig to update his CV to make it stand out to employers.

Employer consultant Terri supported Craig to look for the right job for him and his needs. Craig needed an employer that was sympathetic to his health condition and who would accommodate his needs. Terri managed to get Craig an interview so the team helped him prepare. They practiced interview questions and conducted mock interviews to make sure he was ready for the day. Unfortunately, Craig was not successful with the interview and this left him feeling very deflated and he became withdrawn.

Personal adviser Dawn and employer consultant Terri were very consistent with communicating with Craig and building his confidence back up. They called him regularly to make sure he was still active with job searching and reassured him that the right employer is out there.

Getting the job

Terri was made aware of a vacancy at Buzz Bingo and she felt that Craig suited the requirements of the role and sent his CV. The bingo centre called Craig for an interview and he was successful in securing the role and started working the following week. Craig was delighted and felt that Terri and Dawn went the extra mile for him. Craig said;

‘’Dawn and Terri were incredibly supportive during my time with them and I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it wasn’t for them’’

Craig is now financially stable, and he looks forward to booking holidays with his extra money when the pandemic is over. He feels his life plans are more promising and looks forward to going to work each day. The In-Work Support team will continue to work with Craig to make sure he’s happy in his work.


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