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Daniel begins a new career during COVID-19

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Why Daniel joined Fair Start Scotland?

Daniel was left feeling extremely stressed and anxious due to the effects of COVID-19. Daniel worked for a telecommunications company, but he was forced to take voluntary redundancy as

this was a better option for him financially. He found himself getting into financial difficulties as there was a delay in receiving his redundancy payment.

Daniel was eager to get back into work so he could have a bit of financial stability. He was struggling being at home for long periods time with nothing to do. Daniel got in touch with us after seeing one of our posts on Facebook.

How Fair Start Scotland helped?

Daniel started his employment journey with his personal adviser Terri from our Dumfries team. Terri was able to recognise that Daniel needed support with searching for jobs as he had been in the same job for many years.

Terri updated Daniel’s CV and made sure it was fit for the roles he was applying for. Terri was active in sending him motivational messages to keep his morale up during lockdown. Daniel had many transferable skills which meant he could apply for jobs he probably wouldn’t have considered. He started to feel optimistic about the future and finding work was looking likely.

Getting the job

Terri saw a temporary vacancy with Go Centric call centre, she knew Daniel would thrive in this role. With some motivation and reassurance, Daniel sent his CV to the company and he was invited for a telephone interview. Terri supported him through the interview process, giving him hints and tips on how to conduct yourself at an interview.

Daniel was successful, due to the current situation Daniel had to work from home and didn’t have the right technology to fulfill his role. Terri looked into it was was able to source the equipment through Fair Start Scotland.

Daniel feels he has a newfound confidence in himself since finding work. His long-term goal is to find a permanent full-time job and Terri will continue to support him.

Daniel said; ‘Terri and Dawn from the Dumfries team have been on the ball with everything. They are very busy, but they are always there to support when I need it. They don’t belittle anyone; I feel like a person instead of just a number. This is a great team and very encouraging.’’


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