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David finds a new role after losing vision in one eye

David joined our programme to find a full-time job so he would be able to buy his flat. Fair Start Scotland helped David find a new role after a long period of unemployment since losing his vision in one eye.

Why David joined Fair Start Scotland

David has been unemployed since 2018. He has no vision in his right eye and can only see to walk with his left eye, which has been a barrier to work. He joined the programme so he would be able to buy his flat, and finding a job would allow him to start the mortgage process.

David’s Personal Adviser discussed his job goals and found out that David is unable to do machine work, as this would be too quick for his impaired vision. David also needed to update his CV.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

David’s Personal Adviser carried out a ‘Better Off Calculation’ to show David how much better off he would be in part time and full-time work. Whilst he wanted to find a full-time role, David and his Personal Adviser agreed he should apply for a part-time position to help build his social skills and confidence.

When David joined the programme, he was informed about a remote working role that our Employer Services Team were advertising, which was full time, but he felt that working remotely was not right for him, so he decided to apply for a different part-time role.

Getting the job

When a part-time position at his local garage forecourt came up, he felt that this was the perfect job for him. David applied, and after an interview, was successfully offered the job. This meant that he had secured a permanent part-time role only after five weeks on the programme.

David is relieved to be back in work as he has worked hard all his career. He was keen to start back part-time and progress to more hours, which his new role is allowing him to do. There is nothing he does not like about the job and he said he is always willing to do more, as and when asked too.


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