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Fair Start Scotland helps Fiona build her confidence and find a new role

Fiona had all the skills and qualifications needed for a new job but struggled to find work. With the help from Fair Start Scotland she is walking tall and is extremely happy in her new role

Why Fiona joined Fair Start Scotland?

Fiona was keen to get back into employment, she was particularly looking for an office-based job.

Fiona’s confidence had taken a downturn after she applied for numerous positions and attended countless interviews but never got any response, even though she had all the relevant qualifications. Continuous rejection left a lasting impression on Fiona, she didn’t know what else she could do to get noticed by employers.

How Fair Start Scotland helped?

Fiona met Louise, personal adviser who soon realised that Fiona lacked confidence. Louise referred her to our in-house tutor, Samuel. Samuel met with Fiona on a one to one basis until she was comfortable enough to attend group sessions.

Fiona was engaging well and was happy to look at changing her career. Samuel reviewed the jobs she had previously applied for to find out what she might be missing in her applications. Samuel felt that Fiona was doing everything right and from speaking to her he reassured her that she presented herself really well and her interview skills were not a problem.

Fiona was relieved to know that the work she had done to improve herself made a difference and that she wasn’t at fault. Samuel suggested that she move from one to one confidence sessions to group participation as this is the only thing she could really improve on.

Getting the job

Fiona found her local care home had an opening for a supporting role, so she decided to apply. She was delighted when they accepted her application and offered her a part-time role.

Fiona enjoyed the job and her manager had nothing but praise for her. She was keen to take on more hours, with the guidance from Samuel and Louise she had the confidence to approach her manager with a new proposal for more hours, the ability to work from home and an increase in salary. The manager was more than happy to accommodate as Fiona was a great asset to the company and excelled in her work.

Fiona was delighted when she no longer had to visit her Jobcentre and claim benefits – she now has a stable job that she enjoys.

Our In-Work Support team will continue to keep in touch with her while she remains in employment to make sure she has everything she needs


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