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Fraser is offered a part-time job after participating in DuoDay.

Fraser has a learning disability and joined the service hoping to become more independent. Fair Start Scotland’s participation in DuoDay gave Fraser the platform to show his true potential.

Why Fraser joined Fair Start Scotland

Fraser has a specific learning disability which he manages with the support of his mother. Fraser was statemented for additional learning needs at school. He finds it challenging to speak up for himself and relies heavily on his mother for day to day living tasks such as managing his money, cooking, and cleaning for him.

Fraser required a lot of help with his communication skills, but due to the amazing work with his personal adviser, Aruna Bhogal, and the assistance from employer solutions consultant, Lesley Yule, he started to build good relationships and learn how to communicate better about what type of job he wanted.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Aruna spent a lot of time with Fraser, booking him in to training, sending him for job interviews, and taking extra care when explaining things to Fraser. He has engaged really well in the programme and has taken part in different sessions both with our Fair Start Scotland tutor and Health and Wellbeing team. These included confidence building, Fedcap Hub, assess, interview skills, as well as job clinics with Lesley. The workshops really helped Fraser to improve his professional and personal skills and made him a stronger candidate in the job market.

Fraser was chosen as the participant to take part in the DuoDay initiative. Premier Inn were informed about Fraser’s learning disability and asked to make reasonable adjustments for him so that he would feel comfortable when attending their premises. Fraser met the team and shadowed different roles within the company during DuoDay including bar staff, housekeeping, and reception.

Getting the job

Fraser was so impressive at DuoDay that the employer offered him a part-time job at the end of the day and he started work on Monday 29th November. Fraser is incredibly happy with his achievement and finding this job will have a great impact in his life.

What’s next?

Fraser will keep having calls with Aruna and Lesley to ensure that he is comfortable with his new job and will have all the support he requires.


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