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Gabriel turns his hobby in to a job with the help from Fair Start Scotland

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Why Gabriel* joined Fair Start Scotland?

Gabriel joined Fair Start Scotland after he was made redundant due to COVID-19 prior to this he worked as a chef for seven years. Gabriel wanted a change in career and had considered many different industries, but he was unsure where to begin looking and felt very lost. He wanted a job that would give him some stability.

How Fair Start Scotland helped?

Gabriel was very eager to begin his journey back to work and engaged with his personal adviser Javier on a weekly basis. Javier helped him to create a new CV that would suit a number of different industries giving Gabriel a better chance of finding a new role. To help him further, Javier referred Gabriel to tutor Michael who ran confidence and interview workshops. Gabriel progressed very well in the workshops was able to understand how to use the STAR interview method.

Gabriel had an interest in bikes and cycling so he mentioned to Javier that he was considering starting his own bike repair business. With is career option in mind, Javier sourced resources that he knew would benefit Gabriel such as Business Gateway guides.

While Gabriel was considering his options, Javier supported him to continue with his jobsearch tailored more to the cycling industry.

Getting the job

Gabriel was successful in securing a role at Halfords as a bikes sales assistant, he is also helping to repair. He is using this time to focus on learning new skills, and he appreciates all the help Fair Start Scotland have given him in order to achieving his goal.

Gabriel will continue to receive support through our In-work Support team.

If you are like Gabriel and need support to get back into employment, get in touch with the team. They will work hard to get you back on track. Register your details today or get in touch on 0800 049 7061.

*not real name


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