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Jamie pays it forward and get his dream job

Jamie suffered a brain injury at age seven, from which he's never fully recovered. Inspired by the care he received from hospital staff Jamie’s dream has always been to work for the NHS and we’re delighted to report he’s recently secured a job as a hospital porter at the Borders General Hospital.

Why Jamie joined the Fair Start Scotland service

Jamie, 40, has been in and out of work his entire adult life. He’s been accessing support from the Momentum Brain Injury Service since 2013 who referred him to their employment support department for specialised support to get a sustainable job. Momentum deliver part of the Fair Start Scotland service on behalf of StartScotland. 

How Fair Start Scotland helped

The team at Momentum worked closely with Jamie to learn about his story, his aspirations and build a tailor-made package of support to suit his needs.  

They started Jamie’s journey by supporting with his personal development. This involved enrolling him on courses and workshops to help with his confidence, health and wellbeing, and basic skills. Jamie also worked closely with Momentum’s Occupational Psychologist. 

Jamie was supported to complete a ‘Vocational Profiling’ which indicated that he’d be suited to a support role. Together with his adviser Jamie looked for suitable vacancies and identified the hospital porter role at the NHS Borders General Hospital. After two weeks of hard work, coming into the Momentum office every day to research and prepare, Jamie attended and was successful at interview. 

Let’s just say there may have been a few tears when Jamie came in to share the news. Well done, Jamie! 


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