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Javier starts his new life in Scotland

Javier’s big move to Scotland becomes a success after he impresses Edinburgh manager.

Why did Javier join Fair Start Scotland?

Javier studied Law in Spain and previously work in roles in public administration and finance departments. He moved to Scotland last June for personal reasons after spending a couple of years in Slovakia working as a financial analyst.

Not long after moving he started applying for jobs, but he struggled to get an interview which was discouraging and left him feeling very down. Javier attended a job fair where he met engagement consultant, Debbie who explained about the service and how Fair Start Scotland could help. He joined the service to try and seek advice and direction on how to enter the job market and find a role that was suitable to his needs.

How did Fair Start Scotland help?

Javier met with his personal adviser, Simon in Leith Library, where they worked on his action plan together. During this meeting Javier explained his background to Simon and explained that he wanted a job where he could help people. This prompted Simon to show Javier the roles available within Fedcap Scotland working on behalf of StartScotland. Javier showed interest in the personal adviser position. Simon supported Javier to tailor his CV for the role and helped him to understand what required for the role.

Getting the job

Javier managed to secure interview, which led to him now being employed full-time with Fedcap as a personal adviser for Fair Start Scotland. Javier has been working for us for the last four months, completing his training and understanding what we can offer to our participants. He now has his own caseload and has built a rapport with many of the people he is supporting.

He is very grateful for the opportunity and feels happy to have such a fulfilling job. Javier said: ”I am having such a great experience here, I never thought I would be able to find a job and team I love to work with as much as I do now. I cannot wait to continue with the business and support everyone I can.”

If you are like Javier and need support to get back into employment, get in touch with the team. They will work hard to get you back on track. Register your details today or get in touch on 0800 049 7061.


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