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Justin finds his first paid job after leaving school

Fair Start Scotland helped Justin to realise his transferable skills, and he has since moved into his very own flat and found employment with a collections company

Why Justin joined Fair Start Scotland

Justin was 18 years old when he first joined the service and had been in residential care for the past four years. He advised us that being in care had impacted his social life, and he had never been in paid employment. Justin felt that he lacked the confidence he needed to be successful in job interviews.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Justin was interested in applying for retail positions as he had previously volunteered for Cancer Research, which he felt helped him to develop team working skills. Justin attended an Employer Services workshop via Zoom which focused on interview skills. He received great feedback from the workshop and he was pushed out of his comfort zone, which he felt was important if he was to build his confidence. Without this type of experience, Justin felt he would not have been confident enough to succeed in a real interview.

Justin was also helped with updating his CV. It was run through the CV checker in the Fedcap Hub and scored quite low. Justin, and his personal adviser Holly, worked together to improve his CV. Once the CV was finished, Holly printed and posted him copies to hand out. After another Employer Services workshop, he was made aware of the transferable skills he had which would allow him to apply for jobs outside of the retail industry. The workshops and Zoom calls with his adviser helped to boost his confidence and allowed him to socialise with others, something which he was not used to before joining the service.

Justin has since moved out of care and into his very own flat, and he is loving his newfound independence. He also successfully secured a job within BPO collections as a debt collector, working from 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday each week.

He claimed that this was not a position he would have considered applying for before attending the transferable skills workshop. Justin loves his current position and has settled in really well.

What’s next?

Justin received funding for a Mega Rider pass each week to get to and from work up until he received his first wage, which he is extremely grateful for.

Justin is a lot more confident and feels positive about the future in his current position and new home.


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