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Leah secures a retail role after her first interview with help from our Employer Services

Leah’s anxiety and nerves held her back from working in the field of her dreams.

Why Leah joined Fair Start Scotland

Leah arrived to the Fair Start Scotland service in August as she struggled with nerves and anxiety when meeting new people and employers. This held her back as she was unable to build up the courage to apply for the jobs she wanted. Leah also had a lack of customer service experience and her social skills were very low.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Leah was introduced to her Personal Adviser, Shirly-Ann in the Edinburgh office who identified what areas Leah needed the most support in. Since she lacked in confidence, Shirley-Ann signed her up to the Confidence class with the office tutor Michael. During this time Shirley-Ann introduced Leah to our Employer Services Consultant, who found out that Leah’s dream profession was to become a Beautician, but she lacked the qualifications and experience.

Leah went along to the job clinic class hosted in the Edinburgh office, which was geared at finding out what experience This allowed her to meet others in the same position, which built her confidence in openly speaking to others. During this job clinic Employer Services, Lesley encouraged Leah to go for an interview at B&M Bargains Store the next again day to see how she felt in an interview and to build up her resilience when looking for work. This would give her first-hand experience in customer interaction as she was looking to begin a Beautician course.

Getting the Job

Leah went to her job interview with B&M and got the job. It was her first interview and she is absolutely over the moon to be working can build up her confidence for starting college after Easter next year. Leah and her mum who was always there to offer extra support, are delighted to have this outcome and we will continue to meet with Leah to make sure she’s settled.


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