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Margaret finds a flexible role that allows her to care for her grandchild.

Margaret is a full-time carer for her grandchild. StartScotland assisted her to find a flexible role, and even helped her to apply for a free device to help her improve her IT skills.

Why Margaret joined Fair Start Scotland.

Margaret was out of work for nearly four years when she joined the service. she is a full-time carer for her grandchild for which she receives a care allowance.

Margaret has arthritis and a severe hearing impairment. As she is the only carer for her grandchild, she came to us looking for a part-time role as she would have to be flexible around school hours to continue caring for her grandchild.

How Fair Start Scotland helped.

After joining the service, we helped Margaret by running her CV through the CV checker and making changes to improve her score. We also helped her to look for suitable roles and assisted her with the application process.

Margaret mentioned that her favourite aspect of the service was that she felt her adviser was always there for her. Margaret had weekly meetings with her adviser and always felt supported. After trying to find work by herself for months, she quickly found herself receiving an invitation for interview. Margaret’s adviser helped her to prepare and she was offered the role! Margaret is delighted with the job as it is everything she was looking for, while her manager is flexible when it is needed, helping to her to care for her grandchild.

Alongside this, we helped Margaret to apply for a new device through Connecting Scotland, which she is now using to learn about IT to keep herself more digitally engaged and improve her employability.

What’s next?

Margaret wants to keep working in her now role and has described the company and her colleagues as being like a “wee family”.


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