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Mary's walking back to happiness

West Lothian woman, 55, who had to quit her job for health reasons is well on her way back to the workplace after receiving our integrated health and employabilty support.

Why Mary joined the Fair Start Scotland service

Mary previously worked part-time as an administrator but issues with her mobility meant she had to quit. Time out of work and unable to find a suitable job had a damaging effect on her confidence.

Mary sought out the support of the Fair Start Scotland service to help her find a solution for better managing her health condition in the workplace so that she could return to work.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Mary was teamed up with Keyworker, Susan Allen, and Health and Wellbeing Facilitator, Suzanne Wright who both got to work building a package of support to suit Mary's needs.

Mary reported high levels of pain in her right shoulder which Suzanne suggested might be due to using a walking stick. Suzanne recommended that Mary trial a wheeled walker to reduce the impact on her shoulder. After a trial run with her sister's walker Mary quickly purchased her own.

Mary also attended health and wellbeing workshops to help to build her confidence. Workshops included 'Achieving Your Potential' and 'Stress Management'. Her involvement in each session increased as she began to feel more comfortable in group settings and talking about her own experiences.

Susan Allen gave Mary tailored employment support which included practising mock interview scenarios, proving good for her confidence and equipping her with a number of well practised answers to typical interview questions.

Looking forward

Susan's now busily helping Mary search and apply for jobs and tailoring interview support towards those roles.

Mary has found the confidence to attend interview and whilst she's not yet employed we're confident it's only a matter of time. She's a new woman, she's out of her shell and her walking posture has improved significantly leading to reduced shoulder pain and reduced lower back pain. Result!


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