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Mother begins her career in the care sector

Updated: May 18, 2020

Melody goes from being self-employed and caring for her mum to securing employment in the sector she loves.

Why did Melody join Fair Start Scotland?

Melody had suffered from significant mental health barriers which left her which knocked her confidence. While bringing up her son and caring for her terminally ill mother Melody ran her own business selling pet products. Melody wanted to secure employment that offered more financial stability as caring for her mum required a lot of her time. Melody wanted to work in the care sector but in a place where she could she could spend long periods of time with patients.

Melody struggled with her jobsearch, as she didn’t have any references she struggled when having to complete supporting statements in the application forms.

How did Fair Start Scotland help?

Melody was introduced to her personal adviser, Gayle who began the journey with creating an action plan. Gayle went through the action plan with Melody to look at how they could work through her barriers.

Gayle supported Melody with completing a strong supportive statement and helped her understand how to tailor her statement to particular job specifications.

Gayle’s goal was to find Melody a role to help her gain some recent work experience and obtain professional references. Gayle put Melody forward for the Marks and Starts placement which she was successful in securing – the placement could potentially lead to paid employment.

Melody was not offered a position after the placement however it gave her the references and experience she needed to follow her dream job. Melody was feeling extremely happy with what she had achieved so far and was motivated to find work in care.

Melody was referred to our employer services who introduced her to Enable. She was very interested in the employer and the work they do. Enable interviewed Melody for a part time role and they were impressed with her knowledge and dedication and offered her a position supporting people.

Getting the job

Melody has been working for Enable since January and finds the job immensely rewarding. Prior to working she was struggling to pay her bills and sometimes had no hot water or food, but now she is able to afford anything she needs.

Melody loves her job and feels she is working in an area that she wants to build a career in.


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