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Natalie* has a career change thanks to Fair Start Scotland

Why Natalie joined Fair Start Scotland

Natalie joined Fair Start Scotland as she wanted some help to get back into the job market and support with regaining a positive work attitude. She had previously worked in the Construction industry and had completed her Banksman Slinger Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation (OPITO) Approved qualification with Aberdeen Foyer.

Natalie found herself struggling with her mental health, due to being unemployed and the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

How Fair Start Scotland helped?

Personal adviser Joanne supported Natalie with one to one appointments, focused on helping her with a new CV along with a covering letter. She was determined and optimistic - she was finally getting the help she needed. She logged into all of her appointments and Joanne could see she was ready for work so together they moved quickly to start her jobsearch.

Joanne helped her to search for roles to suit the transferable skills she had gained while working in construction. Natalie also felt confident enough to carry out her own jobsearch while at home.

While doing her jobserach she came across a role as an adult support worker and felt she had all the required skills to do the job. With encouragement from Joanne, Natalie applied for the role and was delighted to be offered an interview.

Getting the job

Natalie was successful in securing the role and she is now really enjoying the job. She was able to work shadowing other support workers on her first few shifts which helped build her confidence. Natalie feels the job is very rewarding but comes with its own challenges at times, however she has maintained her positive outlook on life and brings this to the role.

Natalie’s long-term goal is to sustain employment in a role she enjoys, giving her confidence and improve her wellbeing. Fair Start Scotland will continue to support Natalie by having weekly calls to keep in touch.

*not real name


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