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Qualifications gave Jack a head start

The pandemic created opportunities for Jack by investing his time in access training to develop his knowledge in the oil and gas industry.

Why Jack joined Fair Start Scotland

Jack joined Fair Start Scotland through Aberdeen Foyer after being made redundant as a result of the pandemic. After working in the oil and gas industry for the last two years, he decided he needed a recognised qualification to increase his chances of securing employment and sustaining a future role in an industry familiar to him.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Jack was introduced to his adviser who was able to support him to identify suitable training opportunities as well as options to access funding. Due to the pandemic, it was difficult finding a provider to deliver the training. Through his one to one sessions, Jack and his adviser worked together to update Jack’s CV, look at his transferable skills, and apply these to other job roles that interested him.

Jack was supported throughout the application process to access the relevant funding needed. But prior to the training starting, he was offered a lower paid job back at his company which he took.

Due to the length of time Jack was out of work, Fair Start Scotland was able to support him with his personal protective equipment and travel.

His employer also allowed Jack to take time off work to gain the accreditation he needed.

Getting the job

Since Jack passed his accreditation, he has been given a pay rise and more responsibility. Having the accreditation made him stand out from his co-workers giving him a unique skill set which has helped him to sustain employment during the pandemic.

What’s next?

Jack’s long-term goal is to increase his knowledge within the sector and gain further qualifications where possible. His goal is to progress within the company by increasing his roles and responsibilities within the firm.


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