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Ross back in work after one year unemployed

Fife man, Ross Henderson, is back in work after a year unemployed. He couldn't be more complimentary about the service he received.

Why Ross joined the Fair Start Scotland service

Ross was out of work for over a year and lacking in confidence and motivation. He recognised that he'd need some help to get back into work.

He was referred to Fair Start Scotland through the Jobcentre Plus and was seen by StartScotland the next day.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Ross was introduced to his personal adviser Morag, who got to know Ross and build a package of support tailored to his needs.

He worked with Morag who helped him create a CV, whilst he was now ready to apply for jobs he still lacked confidence and motivation. To help Ross deal with his barriers he joined our Aspire course to learn about the type of skills needed for work and get some useful interview tips.

After being on the course for a couple of weeks Ross began to feel more motivated to find employment and was more open to different job opportunities available. He started to apply for jobs that interested him.

Ross was invited to attend an interview but became very anxious saying: “I can’t do it, I’m not good enough”.

He spoke to the team after the interview who referred Ross to our Health and Wellbeing team. Ross was introduced to Eilidh, Health and Wellbeing adviser who worked closeley with him to alleviate his anxiety. Eilidh made him realise that he was having normal worries and that he could manage them. Between Morag and Eilidh, Ross' anxiety gradually began to lessen and he was able to put things into perspective.

Getting the job

With continuous support from the team, he was able to proceed with his sessions focusing on hope, building confidence and self-worth – giving him the strength to attend an interview for a customer service role, while further securing a second interview.

Ross came across really well at both interviews and was offered both jobs. Ross is now happily working in Hospitality and loving every minute. Well done, Ross!

Ross said: "If it wasn’t for the team I wouldn’t have attended the interview. One of my fears was if I get a job I won’t have anyone to support me while I’m in work but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was assured me that the team will continue to support me as long as I’m in work and they will have my back and help me as much as they can to help me keep my job. This made me so happy to know that I have people on my side to look out for me.”


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