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Ruairidh's lovin' it at McDonald's – 12 months on.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Ruairidh has come leaps and bounds since starting role at McDonalds. He was awarded Employee of the Month for his outstanding work every day he is in.

Ruairidh's lovin' it.

Why did you join Fair Start Scotland?

Ruairidh had been out of work since 2016, after a stint working in a leading supermarket during their festive period. He struggled to find work due to having Asperger’s, he was applying for jobs but wasn’t hearing anything back from companies so he decided to come to us so that we could support him back to work.

How Fair Start Scotland helped?

Having Asperger’s, Ruairidh wanted to work for an employer who would be understanding and who could make reasonable adjustments to support him in the workplace. He worked with the team and they got to know Ruairdh to find out the type of work environments would meet his needs. He was really keen on working outdoors.

Lesley, in the employer services team had a great relationship with McDonald’s at Fort Kinnaird, they were able to talk to the manager about Ruairidh’s needs. Together they created a role which involved working outdoors, cleaning the patio areas and using the jet washer.

One year on

Ruairidh has come so far from the man who walked through StartScotland’s door a year ago. He was shy, apprehensive around people and lacked the confidence he needed to work with customers.

Since starting his role Ruairidh has been awarded Employee of the Month.

Ruairidh has nothing but praise for StartScotland when he came to thank team who helped him, he said: “…since being a part of Fair Start Scotland the support has been really good from all the team. I am so happy in my job and I am now more confident to speak to customers everyday’

Ruairidh has now become more confident in being around customers and his colleagues. He is attending staff parties and birthdays and he’ll be getting a promotion where he’s able to take orders from the drive thru.

His manager said: “If I could have 10 Ruairidh’s I would be the happiest manager in the centre.”

Our team could not be prouder of Ruairidh, the help and support he received from Lesley, Shelly-Ann and Eilidh have given him the tools he needed to get where is now.


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