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Single mum of three gets support into part-time employment

Janet had spent years looking after her young sons and daughter, she felt disconnected from what she wanted to do in her career.

Why Janet joined Fair Start Scotland

Janet had been unemployed as she was raising her young family and on top of this, she became a carer for a young girl with Autism. Janet had spent years putting everyone else in her life first and lost her self-confidence from being out of work for so long.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Janet was introduced to her Personal Adviser Lucy, who booked in weekly meetings with her all aimed at helping Janet open up and face her barriers. Lucy drafted an action plan so that they could keep track of how far Janet has progressed. In the action plan Lucy booked Janet into the Confidence workshop which was the main barrier holding her back from getting back into employment.

Lucy helped Janet create a CV and noted all the transferable skills she had, many she had gained during raising her children which Janet didn’t know she had. With a professional looking CV Janet was now ready to start her jobsearch – working with Lucy she applied for roles to fit around her lifestyle.

Getting the Job

Janet has now gained a part-time role in retail. She was very happy to be in an environment where she was more involved with others. Following Lucy’s advice, Janet has learned to keep time aside every day to do something for herself. Her self-confidence has increased, and she feels more comfortable mixing in a group setting.

Janet will be keeping in touch with Lucy to make sure everything is going well in her role and she is looking forward to developing her customer service skills.


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