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Susannah builds a future career with Fair Start Scotland

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Why did Susannah join Fair Start Scotland?

Susannah had recently been made redundant which left her struggling to get back into employment. She did not know where to start, she was interested in a career change but unclear what she could do.

How did Fair Start Scotland Help?

Susannah was introduced to her Key Worker, Carol at The Lennox Partnership, who was keen to find out more about Susannah’s skills and experience so that she could offer her the right level of support.

With a new CV Susannah was raring to go, she was determined and very motivated to get back to work. She had previously worked in Merchandising for a large fashion brand which gave her transferable skills - making her employable.

The Lennox Partnership at the time was advertising for a role in compliance, Susannah expressed an interest in this and was invited for an interview. With the help and support from Carol, Susannah was able to prepare for the interview. She felt prepared for her interview and was very confident in her ability to do the job.

Getting the job

Susannah was successful in her interview and it wasn't long until she was part of The Lennox Partnership compliance team. During her time in the role, she's demonstrated a brilliant work ethic and her manner with everyone who came in the office did not go unnoticed.

It wasn't long before Susannah was promoted to Key Worker. Her work colleagues knew she would thrive in this role - meeting participants and supporting them back to work.

Susannah hopes to stay in the business long-term and support as many people as she can, Fair Start Scotland will continue to support her while in work.


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