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Tamzin finds Fair Start Scotland on Facebook and secures paid work

Tamzin, 17 years old builds her confidence within months of being joining Fair Start Scotland.

Why Tamzin joined Fair Start Scotland

Tamzin signed up to the Fair Start Scotland service after seeing our Facebook advert. She messaged in and was able to get in touch with the team who were more than happy to help. Tamzin was determined to build her confidence enough to apply for jobs and attend interviews.

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Tamzin was introduced to her Personal Adviser Nyree who was able to book appointments in with her to make sure she understood everything Tamzin needed. Tamzin’s lack of confidence prompted Nyree to introduce her to the Health and Wellbeing team in Kilmarnock.

Ann, Health and Wellbeing Adviser, met with Tamzim regularly. These meetings allowed her to start believing in herself more and more with each meeting they had together. Tamzin was supported by Nyree to explore all her job goals and highlighted her transferable skills so that she could update her CV.

Getting the Job

Once Nyree and Tamzin, applied for jobs that suited her abilities she applied for a two-week work placement with our Marks and Starts. She was successful in completing the two-weeks placement and has been offered a minimum 12-week paid work opportunity.

Nyree said ‘Tamzim was extremely shy and nervous when she first attended Fair Start Scotland. Her confidence has gone from strength to strength with help from our Tutor Alistair Health and Wellbeing and Employer Services. I believe Tamzin will make a success of her employment journey after being given the belief from the team’


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