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Terry turns his life around after failure of his business

Terry spiralled into a bad situation after his business partners left him struggling mentally and financially.

Why did Terry join Fair Start Scotland?

Terry had owned several tanning shops and boutiques in the local area and due to incompetent business partners, he lost everything. He did now know how to update his CV, jobsearch online or how to apply jobs. He heard about Fair Start Scotland being in his local area so he got in touch to find out how we could support him.

How did Fair Start Scotland help?

Terry was introduced to his Personal Adviser, Dawn who tailored an action plan that met his needs. At the beginning of his journey, Terry made progress with the classes that Dawn signed him up for which included ICT workshops and CV building. While on the services Terry’s mental health seriously declined, we continued to support him through this difficult time and worked alongside the NHS to get him the right help he needed.

He also had housing issues; Dawn signposted him to get help with looking for a new flat that fit all his requirements. Terry had no motivation when it came to applying for jobs and needed extra encouragement from Dawn to find a job that was right for him at this time.

Even though Terry was really low, he continued to stay in regular contact with Dawn and together they began applying for jobs.

Getting the job

Terry applied for a number of jobs and was successful in securing full-time employment with Mears as a joiner. This is allowing him to look for a new flat that has the space he needs, and he is getting regular support regarding his mental health.

Terry is a lot more positive about life and can see his future again after so many months of being lost. He is able to start living a new life and treating his children which was the most important goal to him. He hopes this role will see him into retirement.


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