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Victoria accesses work

Victoria from East Lothian is back in work thanks to the help and support she’s received through Fair Start Scotland service. 

Why did you join Fair Start Scotland?

Victoria, 28, had recovered from a benign brain tumour which was removed but left her with further health issues such as a lower immune system which requires frequent medication. Her previous place of work would not allow her to store her medication on site, so she left and subsequently became unemployed. She also has pins in her hips and so she cannot walk for a long time or stand.

Victoria struggled with a loss of self-confidence and needed support in applying for work and impressing at interviews. In addition, her rural location means she does not have access to great public transport.

But her luck changed after gaining support from Triage, which delivers the Fair Start Scotland service on behalf of StartScotland. 

How Fair Start Scotland helped

Victoria met with her personal adviser Lisa, on a weekly basis, supporting her with job searching and undertaking mock interviews when appropriate. Together, they created a new and tailored CV, highlighting her skills for specific vacancies. 

After identifying a suitable part-time post at Citizens Advice in nearby Musselburgh, Victoria was successful in obtaining an interview. Lisa supported her throughout the process and even drove her to the interview. Victoria was obviously nervous, but she remained positive, and impressed the interview panel and was offered the job. 

She is now working three days a week, and successfully applied for Access to Work funding to help with transport to and from work. Going forward, Victoria is looking to take driving lessons and plans on getting a car in the future. 


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